Villains Tavern - LA

Beyond Villains's enclosed outdoor patio is a small but beautifully decorated two story bar and restaurant. Vintage bottles in blue, yellow, orange, and green line shelves in the high arch window above the front door.

80's Party

An 80’s Party is good fun, think shoulder pads, neon, skinny acid washed jeans, big tops, big hair and anything Madonna or MJ. Movies influenced dress as well, like America Gigolo, Desperately Seeking Susan and Flash Dance. The drinks ran the gamut from too sweet, Sex On The Beach, to way too strong, Long Island Iced Tea.

The Farmer's Cabinet

Opened up last spring by Matthew and Pauline Schwartz, in the Washington Square West section of Philly,  

Mother's Day

The Virgil

Dog Day Afterwork Comedy at The Virgil.

Looking for something to do this Saturday in LA? Featuring comedians from Comedy Central, Conan O'Brian, and the Jimmy Fallon show. This month's line-up:

Cristela Alonzo (Comedy Central Half Hour)

Beth Stelling (Conan)

Patrick Keane (Craig Ferguson)

A New York Celebrity: Who Cares?

By - Kyle Dowling

In my mind it is without a doubt the finest section of this city. It’s hip, fashionable and not too over-the-top. Your basic jeans and t-shirt is fine for nearly all of the eateries. Well, most.

Welcome to Tribeca.

Off the Menu:

Rudy Torres' Flortini - By Elizabeth Licata - Mixologists may slave over their seasonal menus and special offerings, but some of the most exciting drinks around can only be found under the table. Ask any good bartender, and chances are good that he's got something secret in the works that just hasn't made it to the menu yet.

Think small - Elizabeth Licata

Indie distillers craft spirits not for the masses - During prohibition, a neighbor with a still was the best friend a would-be tippler could have. Today Americans can get all the spirits they want, thanks to the 21st Amendment, but ease of access and mass production of distilled spiritsmay have cost us something in the personal touch and unique character of handcrafted spirits.