Scenes From Behind the Bar - Cold River Blueberry Vodka

Taking a look at spirits from behind the bar we're beginning with the perfect spirit to lead you into spring, Cold River Blueberry Vodka.  Starting with a spirit distilled from potatoes you can expect this vodka to have a richer, creamier mouth feel than you would with a spirit from grain.  This paired with the fact that Cold River uses wild Maine blueberries leads to a vodka with a true, clean flavor profile that that perfectly expresses the essence of spring and summer.  While I tend to shy away from flavored sprits, often finding them too sweet, Cold River's process of steeping the blueberries gives this spirit all of the flavor of the berry without the added sugar.  When I came across this spirit I was immediately reminded of one of my favorite summer combinations, mint, blueberry, and citrus.  I chose to express this combination in a twist on a classic spring and summer cocktail, the Lemondrop.  In the Blueberry Mint Lemondrop this vodka gives the taste of fresh blueberries allowing for their enjoyment regardless of the season.

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