This drink does take you into a wall at a rapid rate of speed if you drink too many of these! So try 100 Miles Per Hour and keep your eye on the speed.

The will hit you just like that when you take this one in a shot. Careful now!

Bourbon and citrus make the perfect holiday blend.   is an easy going cocktail that keeps a party going and can be sipped over a long evening.  The blood orange and lemon are a perfect balance to the sweet of the Bourbon and simple syrup.  This could easily turn into a year around favorite.

Manhattan’s history, like most drinks, is not as clear as there are many ideas around the origin. A popular history suggests that the drink originated at the Manhattan Club in New York City in the early 1870s. The original Manhattan was a mix of American Whiskey, Italian Vermouth and Angostura bitters. Considered one of the classic drinks it is still served in bars all over the world. This drink should be mixed with the best Whiskey you can afford as combined with the bitters the flavors are sharp and very enjoyable when you move towards the high end. Ours is mixed with Bushmills and affordable Whiskey that stands up well to the bitters.

There is a lot of complexity in this cocktail with the layers of taste coming at you both together and one at a time. The bitters with the light taste of Absinthe is rich and a little dark. This gives way to the bite of the Rye then the mellowness of the Benedictine. Very classic for a great reason! Lots of taste. One to pull out to impress.

We have to admit that we really have fun making up the names of these drinks!  The is a wonderful play off the flavors of the Tennessee Honey and sweet and spice notes.  The Rosemary makes this drink.  It also makes a beautiful holiday presentation for your cocktail event.  

Classic cocktail from the turn of the 19th century this cocktail is great for warmer weather. It's gone through lots of changes over the years but this is a modern take that is quite close to the original.

Fall in Tennessee is the quensiential Fall lDrink. Smooth and sweet with a back end of ginger this one checks all the boxes.

What a great drink! If you like gingerbread you will love this Honey Gingerbread. Smooth, sweet and flavorful it is a great drink to serve with food and for parties. It will go with anything! The lime cuts the sweetness a little and adds a tart after bite.

Jamacia Shake is an interesting blend of Bourbon and Dark Rum combined with cream. Shouldn't work but it does. Just use a really high quality dark rum.

Why the Monte Carlo? Even if you’re not getting together for cards this weekend with the guys it goes well with any guy themed event. This is a smooth drink that goes well with fall, cards, sports, guy talk and cigars!


The original Old Fashioned recipe would have used whiskeys available in America in the late 1800’s, either Bourbon or Rye Whiskey. The first recipe is from 1895. But in some regions, especially Wisconsin, brandy is substituted for whiskey (sometimes called a Brandy Old Fashioned). Eventually the use of other spirits became common, such as a gin recipe becoming popularized in the late 1940s. The first mention of the drink was for a Bourbon whiskey cocktail in the 1880s, at the Pendennis Club, a gentlemen’s club in Louisville, Kentucky.

Common garnishes for an Old Fashioned include an orange slice or a maraschino cherry, although these modifications came around 1930, sometime after the original recipe was invented. The practice of muddling orange and other fruit gained prevalence as late as the 1990s. In muddling the fruit make sure to muddle the fruit but try not to muddle the peel too much. You want to release the oils and fruit flavor but not a lot of the acid. As with spirit only drinks what whiskey/brandy you make this drink with matters. The fun is in trying to find which one you really like!

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The Rob Roy is a cocktail created in 1894 by a bartender at the Waldorf Hotel in New York City. The drink was named in honor of the premiere of Rob Roy, an operetta by composer Reginald De Koven and lyricist Harry B. Smith loosely based upon Scottish folk hero Robert Roy MacGregor.

Like a Manhattan, the Rob Roy can be made sweet, dry, or perfect. The standard Rob Roy is the sweet version, made with sweet vermouth. A dry Rob Roy is made by substituting dry vermouth for the sweet vermouth, this is not usual. A perfect Rob Roy is made with equal parts sweet and dry vermouth. Overwhelmingly, the Rob Roy is made with sweet Vermouth.

The Rob Roy is usually served in a cocktail glass and granished with a maraschino cherry (for the sweet version). Funniest use of this drink in a move is the 1970’s movie “Turning Pointe” where the heroine goes on stage after being dumped and drinking a half a dozen of these. Drunk ballerinas are always funny.

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The perfect card game drink, Royal Flush is a great get the guys together drink. Don't let the fruity flavors fool you this one packs a punch.


While no one seems to know when the Rusty Nail came across the bar I would suspect that it was in the late 30’s early 40’s. It would have been difficult to get Drambuie during prohibition. There is a brief history on the Drambuie page http://drambuie.com/us/#origins Made from honey and seceret blends http://drambuie.com/us/#secret-recipe the Rusty Nail is equal parts Scotch and Drambuie. A smooth drink that gets better as the Scotch gets better, we tried Johnny Walker Red but Cutty Sark would also be a good starting point.

For the Rye drinkers in your group a fun and festive approach to a holiday cocktail is the .  You omit the candy if you want as the caramel syrup does most of the work but that little hint of chocolate is really quite tasty.  Your preference.

is a great iced tea drink that could also be served warm.  We preferred it chilled but either way its a great cocktail.  The whiskey and the chai tea really complement each other and the cherry liqueur off set the spice notes and sweetened up the tea.  Yum is all we have to say.  Great winter drink!

Originally called the suffering Bar Steward, Suffering Bastard was supposed to cure a hangover. Not sure that it would but you don't need to wait to try it, this was one of our favorites of this batch.

A great summer drink that goes into fall. The Tennessee Honey blends well with the lemonade and the pomegranate adds a nice touch. Try a Tennessee Summerade for that drink that eases you into fall.

Fresh, clean and with a great fall to winter taste.   a Wild Turkey drink will please the whiskey cocktail drinker.  Not too sweet with a fair bit of sour from the lemon and a touch of sweet from the soda this is a great entry level cocktail.  Easy to make and even easier to drink.

The Undertaker is an unusual drink with a weird combination of ingredients. This is a case of a drink that shouldn’t taste good but yet it does! If you are a casual Bourbon drinker this may be a drink for you. For purist this may amount to sacrilege but hey all is fair in love and taste.

An aquired taste, the Waldorf Cocktail has a strong liquorice taste balanced with Bourbon and sweet vermouth. The jury was mixed with some people loving it and other's, well not so much. Created by a Waldorf Astoria bartender Johnnie Solon around 1900.

Simple and refreshing a Bourbon Stone Sour is a great go to drink. Best with Summer and friends sip one and let the conversation unfold. A twist on an Old Fashion, the Claremont uses Orange Curaco to up the orange factor. Reminds you of the Hollywood days of yore. Classic and tasty the Brown Derby Cocktail is great as a before dinner drink. A summer drink with Blended Whiskey, the Hawaiian Stone Sour is a great cocktail for those who like their summer with a little more bite.

Drinks on this list are: 100 Miles Per Hour, Algonquin, Bayou Bomb, Black Dog, Blackthorn, Blinker, Blood And Sand, Bomb Ass Mix, Bourbon Stone Sour, Boxing Day, Brown Derby Cocktail, Bushmills Manhattan, Claremont, Cocktail A La Louisiane, Crazy Elf, Daisy, Fall in Tennessee, Gingered Whiskey, Golden Glow, Hawaiian Stone Sour, Honey Gingerbread, Jamaica Shake, Little Italy, Man Of The Moment, Mint Julep, Monte Carlo, Oh Be Joyful, Old Fashion, Oriental, Original Sin, Rob Roy, Royal Flush, Rusty Nail, Salty Caramel Sour, Santas Ice Tea, Suffering Bastard, Tennessee Summerade, Turkey Cinnamon Sour, Undertaker, Waldorf Cocktail, Whiskey Root Beer, Whiskey Sling, Wow, Yesterday,