Ward III in TriBeCa






Ward III in TriBeCa has a section on the menu that is Bespoke Cocktails. Your choices are Spirit, Texture, Flavor Fruit and Spice. You tell the bartender what you like and they will craft you a custom cocktail that will be named by you and kept in the permanent archives. So you could request Vodka, Clean, Herbacious, Cucumber and Mint that they would know the proportions to make you a cocktail that would meet your flavor profile. They also have a small bar menu that offers Duck Nachos and Duck Sliders... Did we mention they serve duck, yummm. Bartenders are great and really know there stuff. You can either order off the drink menu, which is extensive, have them craft you a Bespoke Cocktail or pick something simple from their impressive list of spirits. There were many of their whiskeys that would be excellent on the rocks just to sip, no need to bespoke. The atmosphere is cool and hip, the staff dresses to fit the speakeasy atmosphere and they were pleasant and helpful both times we went. The music is a bit of a disconnect but since we really did go for the music, not, we had a great time anyway. Suggestions, if you like the mixology idea and want to go for a Bespoke Cocktail, look at the lists before you get there and have a general idea. We had one young woman down the bar that took quite a bit of time to choose. Hey we're thirsty here people...


111 Reade Street, New York, New York


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