Oh be Joyful

This is a really wonderful drink. We used Joe's Smokey Scotch and Blue Coat American Gin. Then we made a few more and a night of it! This drink is worth a try it is truly unique and tasty.

3 oz Gin
1 oz St. Germaine®
Dash Smokey Scotch
1/4 muddled lemon
In a shaker muddle lemon add ice and gin. Mix all ingredients well except scotch.    Strain into a frozen cocktail glass that has been washed scotch and garnish with a lemon twist.   To wash the glass with Scotch pour a small amount into the frozen glass and swirl it around so that the Scotch sticks to the frozen glass.  Pour out the excess, preferably on your tongue.
Note: Liberty House Bar, Portland  Ore., female bartender, didn't catch her name but wanted to give credit.