Daiquiri became popular in the 1940s. Wartime rationing made whiskey, vodka, etc., hard to come by, yet because of Roosevelt's Good Neighbor policy (which opened up trade and travel relations with Latin America, Cuba and the Caribbean), rum was easily obtainable. The Good Neighbor Policy (also known as 'The Pan-American program'), helped make Latin America seem fashionable. Consequently, rum-based drinks (once frowned upon as being the domain of sailors and down-and-outs), also became fashionable, and the Daiquiri saw a tremendous rise in popularity in the US. Originally served over cracked ice, Bacardi Rum, sugar and fresh lime juice it is now served frozen with a variety of different flavors. Two of our favorites are the lime and peach are included as well. Other fruits that translate well are peach, strawberries, raspberries or papaya.

1 ¼ oz Bacardi Rum (usually Bacardi Superior)
2 oz Fresh Squeezed lime juice
1 oz Simple Syrup

Fill blender with about a 2 cups of ice.  Pour in Rum, lime juice and simple syrup.  Blend on high till ice is crushed.  Pour into glass that has been rimmed in sugar.  Garnish with lime wedge and orange.